Welcome Friends.

Welcome to the  Happy. Pretty.  blog.  

My little corner of the world where I will share ideas and inspiration that bring joy to my heart.  

Happy. Pretty. started as an idea to merge all of my passions into one.    My study of interior design. My years of experience in event design and floral art. The way in which I gather several pieces to create a style and then capturing those moments with my camera. Lately, when asked what I do as a career, I never knew how to answer because I enjoy each facet equally and deeply.   I began to feel conflicted about which path was MY path so I turned my conflict toward the Heavens and asked for guidance.  The answer was so simple. I don't have to choose.  

  Beauty is everywhere.  Beauty is giggling  with my daughters.  It's strolling down the streets of Paris or snuggled up under my down comforter while the snow falls outside my window.  It can be a photograph that moves me to tears or a dinner table set with fresh flowers and the finest china.   The scent of fresh peonies. A newborn baby.  A great design book.  An hour long  phone chat with a loved one.  Beauty may come in different shapes and forms but each time I witness it  I have the same reaction.  My heart dances and I am happy.  

Happy. Pretty. is about finding joy in everyday life.  After all, Life itself is the best reason to celebrate.  I hope in reading my stories and sharing what inspires my heart, that, in some way, I inspire your heart as well.  


Blessings to you on this beauty-filled day.  Take time to stop and smell the roses. 

Written with love and gratitude,



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