The Bloom Boutique.

 I love January. Its a new year. A fresh start.  2016 marks the beginning of many adventures for Happy. Pretty.    I have been working on projects that are challenging every creative bone in my body and I couldn't be-   happier.    One of the projects that I am working on ( top secret. I'll share when I can.)  had to be shot this past weekend.   It required flowers. Lots of them.  Thanks to my dear friend Sibi and my husband Chris, they worked together to get me the flowers I wanted all the way from Nashville and delivered to my home in Michigan.  

After I was done shooting said  top- secret project I had all of these beautiful flowers sitting in my home beckoning me to be photographed once again.   I was too tired to think when Sunday rolled around but Monday was a different story.  The creative energy was flowing and  we had a snow day here in Michigan. Surprise. Surprise.

The girls were bored.  We had a house full of flowers.   A styled shoot was born.     

This shoot means so much to me because 1.  It is my first styled shoot of 2016 involving human beings.  2.   It represents me and my brand exactly the way I had envisioned.   3. I don't know who enjoyed it more. Me or my girls.

  When my oldest daughter was born eleven years ago, I set aside my career to focus on raising her.  The heartache we had endured before she came along was reason enough for me to embrace every moment with her.  When my second daughter was born I then had two beauties to fill my days. With a husband who's job was to travel for a living, I was content to just "be" with my babies. I knew that one day, I would return to my career when  they were both old enough to enjoy working alongside of me.   Our time has come.

Please enjoy browsing through my vision.  Someday, I hope to have a bloom boutique of my very own.   Until then, I'll look back on  these photos knowing that for one afternoon, I did.  


  • Styling, florals and photography by Melanie Marshall for Happy. Pretty.

  • Skirt, blouse, sweater, black ballet flats and accessories by Crewcuts.

  • Black scalloped mary jane shoes by Joyfolie

  • Polka dot dress by forever21.

  • Eyewear by ray-ban

  • Ribbon , boxes and tissue paper by Sugar Paper

  • All vases are my personal collection