black and white.


In my humble opinion, no two colors compare to the classic combination of black and white.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many black and white striped something-or-other's I own.   Many of which are in my closet.  When it comes to my wardrobe,  it consists mainly of black, white, black and white stripes of varying sizes, black and white polka dots, more black, more white and pops of color in my accessories.     It's become my thing.   

With all of the years I have spent building my wardrobe, I have finally decided to venture out and do the same with my home.   This next week, our master bedroom will be repainted in Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore after twelve years of living with Palladian blue on my walls.  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?  I assure you. I am giddy!  I intend to use the black and white color palette to accessorize throughout the room.  That's not all.   Our master bath will be painted.... Wait for it.   Wait for it.    BLACK!   I chose RH Obsidian in the subtle velvet finish.   I am hoping that the result is as beautiful as the vision in my head.   Either that or I will be in a ball on the floor wondering what in THE world I was thinking!   Either way, here are a few of my favorite black and white touches that surround me daily.   

I purchased these black and white pillows from Marshall's a few weeks ago. I'm liking them more every day.  I had my girls help me paint a big black swirl on a piece of art paper. We call it "The Big Black Swirl."  (below left)   I propped it up against the wall to pull everything together.  It's helping.  My "Love You" sign( below right)  hangs in our sunroom. It's one of my all-time favorite things.  It was made by my fiercely talented and beautiful  friend, Tiffine Kilgore of House of Belonging.  Go now and grab one! I can wait. 

Jo Malone.   I used to gasp when I thought of spending money on things like  Jo Malone candles and bath products for myself.   Although I never hesitated to buy them for everyone else.   The older I get, the more I come to realize that I'm worthy of some fabulousness from time to time.   Notice.  It's the travel candle. I'm a work in progress. 

More favorite black and white items I treasure are the hand-written letters I receive from my dear friends and family. (left)  I have lined  the inside of my desk drawer with these beauties to remind me of their love and encouragement every day.  By the way, the tiny vile of glitter is from a shop in Nashville called Old Made Good.  She wanted to glitter her floors so she started a Go Fund Me page.  Anyone who donated was given this treasure as a thank you.   It makes me happy.   The center photo was taken in Chuck Williams' home in Sonoma.   I love the look of a staircase painted white with the contrasting black rail. Timeless.  The photo on the right displays my girls'  take on Picasso.   They are placed smack dab in the middle of our living room for everyone to see.  And let's face it. The Elements of Style book by Erin Gates has the most striking spine of any book out there. 

I know i am not the only one with a bowl full of leftover Holiday ribbon from Sugar Paper for Target.  They outdid themselves this year. Every year. 

Not in my home but certainly in my heart are the memories of my recent trip to San Francisco with my dear friends. Walking into Thomas Kellar's Finesse store was a dream come true for me.(left)  Those black metal school house lights. Sigh.   And I cannot even begin to talk about walking through Chuck Williams' home and original Williams-Sonoma store. (center.right) I'll share more about our girls' weekend soon. Promise. 

For a girl who's hardly traveled in her life, I certainly made up for it last year.   The Godmother of black and white. When I stood at the steps of Coco Chanel's apartment and design house in Paris, I cried.  So did my 10 year old daughter.  

After leaving Paris, we spent a week in Positano, Italy.  These white umbrellas(below) and others like them, take up a lot of space in my photo files.   It became a joke in our family. " If you want to be in Mommy's pictures, you'd better stand by an umbrella. "    I wear the badge with honor. 

I am sure there is a Black and White part II post coming soon.   

Enjoy your day everyone. Be Blessed!


*all photos by Melanie Marshall for Happy. Pretty.

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